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The flexible and convenient bottling service.

The ideas behind Mobot came after hearing so many bottling stories from local brewers! We are passionate about great beer, so we take quality very seriously.

Mobot comes to you, which is a little different to the contract service you may be used to. This means you can have as much control as you would like over the packaging process.

We only need a couple of square metres to set up our fast automatic machine in your brewery which can pre-evac, purge, counter-pressure fill, cap and label bright or bottled conditioned beers.

Fast and efficient

At over one case per minute, at the end of the bottling run you immediately have the stock to sell.


Cut down on beer-miles travelled. By bottling at your brewery the beer is at its freshest too!

Quality Control

We always measure and sample every batch, as well as a thorough CIP program.

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About us

Mobot Ltd has headquaters in Mold, Flintshire and is a registered company in Wales.

Company No. 09975362.
VAT No. GB 232 1689 19